Due September 2016

New Mum's

The sanity-saving journal for new mums by Amy Ransom

Motherhood is the most uncertain and challenging time in most women’s lives. New mums are in a sleep-deprived fog and not always able to think rationally, like they would have done pre-baby.

So thoughts snowball, they feel like they're doing a bad job and amidst all that they feel lonely and isolated. New mums deserve to know that ALL OF THIS is normal. That moments pass. And that every mum is beautifully unique. It really and truly DOES NOT MATTER how she birthed her baby, how she’s feeding her baby or what routine (or lack of routine) she’s doing.

The New Mum's Notebook is every new mum's companion (no matter what round she's on). Like having her best friend by her side, to tell her ‘you’re amazing’ and reassure her, as often as she needs to hear it, that what she is doing is more than enough.

The New Mum’s Notebook is 304 pages, priced at £20 and will be available via this website and selected retailers from September 2016.

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